LNG Advisor, an innovative BOG Monitoring and Management Service

Boil-Off Gas (BOG) is the second largest cost for an LNG charterer, representing one third of the total shipping costs.

Monitoring and managing BOG is therefore a key issue for the LNG shipping industry.

With its unrivalled experience in the LNG industry and unique knowledge of LNG-specific issues, GTT and Cryometrics have developed LNG Advisor, the first BOG monitoring and management service specifically designed for LNGCs. 

Keep track of your LNGC'S energy performance, both onboard and onshore


A user-friendly interface will provide support to the crews directly at the bridge.


Thanks to a dedicated online data portal, onshore teams will get the right reporting to understand, benchmark and challenge shipping performance. You will get the full picture of your LNGC performance minute by minute and will see what you could not see before, such as transient phenomena. Your teams will detect more rapidly any abnormal situation and react faster thanks to a near real-time reporting on a large number of KPIs.

Support your operations with unique LNG management tools

saturated vapour pressure calculator

LNG Advisor features a state-of-the-art saturated vapour pressure calculator, which allows determining the real thermodynamic state of the cargo. This tool will help crews anticipate BOG and pressure spikes and give them more confidence and flexibility in the tank operations, for example in using the tanks as energy buffers when the engines demand is low. With this calculator onboard, BOG savings can represent up to 100,000$ per year and per ship*. 

*Assumptions: price of LNG at 7$/mmbtu and 10 laden voyages per year

Gain an enhanced understanding of your LNGC's energy performance

With LNG Advisor, you will visualize the link between sloshing and the boil-off rate, thanks to a high precision MRU (Motion Reference Unit). LNG Advisor will track the BOG consumption of the engines, the BOG burnt in the gas combustion unit, the natural and the forced BOG as well as MDO (marine diesel oil) and HFO (heavy fuel oil) consumptions.

A turnkey solution

Installation of LNG Advisor is straightforward and can be executed at:

  • new-build
  • dry dock
  • during navigation

The system is compatible with all:

  • propulsions
  • CCS (Cargo Containment Systems)
  • IAS (Integrated Automation System) suppliers

Cryometrics has teamed up with field-experienced, flexible and reactive Cryovision to offer maximum flexiblity for the installation. 

Get ready for the next step: installing LNG Advisor today will make you LNG Advisor Premium ready. LNG Advisor will collect the data required for LNG Advisor Premium prediction models, therefore saving months in the operational deployment.