Sloshield, a fully integrated sloshing monitoring solution

Sloshing is usually managed by crews based on poor indicators (banging noises) and habits / beliefs with uneven results. Sloshing has also direct impact on BOG and is a challenging factor for some key operations such as partial filling and emergency departure.  

With SloShield, designed by GTT top-tier engineers and based on GTT's long lasting experience in LNG and deep understanding of liquid motions criticality, sloshing can now be quantified at tank-level in real-time.

Sloshing impacts induce vibrations of the tank structure which feature a recognizable “signature”. SloShield constantly monitors these vibrations of each tank’s structure and insulate the impacts. SloShield allows the crew to visualize the sloshing activity indicators and their evolution in time through a user-friendly interface, directly located at the bridge.  


A turnkey and safe service

One accelerometer per tank is fitted on the double hull in the passage way for easy access. No instrumentation is performed inside the tank, preserving the Cargo Containment integrity.

The acquisition system is located outside the ATEX area, in the electrical room.

SloShield got Approval In Principle from ABS. Hardware is adapted for use in marine environment and installation complies with explosive atmospheres requirements. The Installation is straightforward and can be executed in safe conditions at newbuild, drydock and sea. Cryometrics has teamed up with field-experienced, flexible and reactive Cryovision to offer maximum flexiblity for the installation. 

The maintenance service for hardware and software is included.

With SloShield, take short term actions and build long term analysis

In the short run

Early warning: sloshing can be detected since its starts occurring.

Thanks to the training performed by Sloshing Expert during commissioning onboard and with real time information about sloshing, it can be possible to mitigate the activity.



SloShield supports capitalization from experience: keep records of the sloshing activity along the tanks life and build best practices in the industry.

GTT sloshing experts team will periodically review Sloshield data and determine the sloshing profile of your ship, based on operational data:

  • Feedback/statistics of sloshing activity
  • Analysis of the ship motion/filling level vs sloshing activity
  • On your request , dedicated analysis of few voyages

A sea-proven and reliable design

Image Gaselys.jpg

A prototype has been tested at sea during more than three years onboard ENGIE owned LNGC Gaselys. Accuracy of the detection anywhere in the tank has been assessed and improved to the highest level available on the market.

Since then, the system has been successfully installed on three vessels (two at drydock, one at sea) and more installations are planned.

SloShield, your assistant toward more flexibility, security and performance


Make your ship safer and target the most challenging needs of the market: Spot market, Offshore operations, Emergency departures.

Build up sloshing awareness

In a context where LNG familiar officers will become rarer, SloShield is a user-friendly tool for crews to build up their own sloshing expertise.

Show superior performance to your customers / investors

Managing sloshing activity gives you a new lever to mitigate sloshing activity inside the tanks and the increasing effect of sloshing upon Boil-Off Gas.